Grade the Trade: Miami goes for broke in this wild proposed deal for Lakers MVP

Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro
Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Grade the Trade: Would the Miami Heat agree to the deal as is?

Yes. The answer is yes. Trading Lowry, Robinson, Jovic, and a first in exchange for LeBron and Vincent would be an absolute no-brainer and would immediately make the Heat the team to beat. Be that as it may, Simmons' trade likely wouldn't go down as proposed, with the Heat surely having to part with Tyler Herro and possibly even another first or at the very least a pick swap, to make the deal a little bit more palatable for the Lakers.

Even then, parting ways with Herro, Robinson, and Jovic would still be worth it to reunite with LeBron. Miami would be able to roll out a starting lineup of Lowry, Butler, Lebron, Love, and Adebayo while still having enough depth to make them a legit contender and challenger to the Boston Celtics, who lead the Eastern Conference.

After losing in the NBA Finals twice in recent years, the Heat would probably be willing to make a big trade, even if it provided them with only a short-term boost. After all, LeBron could leave Miami or retire after this season, following the hypothetical deal. That being said, the Heat would clear out cap space in that event, around $20 million, allowing them to sign someone in free agency.

Just about every way you slice it, this deal or an altered version of the proposed deal would work out well in Miami's favor. Next, we'll take a look at the trade from the Lakers' perspective to see whether they would agree to the deal or if there is another deal that may agree to.