Grade the Trade: Miami goes for broke in this wild proposed deal for Lakers MVP

Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro
Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Grade the Trade: Would the Los Angeles Lakers agree to the deal as is?

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In a word, no. However, there is a non-zero chance that they could trade LeBron. That would mean that they would be retooling around Anthony Davis instead of trying to bolster their roster. With the trade deadline five weeks away, things can change for the better or worse for Los Angeles.

The Lakers could come roaring back and shoot up the standings or the bottom could fall out and they could drop to 13th in the West. With the Lakers having 15 games between now and the deadline, they have dug themselves into a hole and there may not be enough time to dig themselves out.

Teams that go 2-9 in their last 11 games don't suddenly go 10-5 in their next 15 games, which is exactly what LA needs to do to make up ground and put themselves back in playoff contention. Assuming things don't get back on track, it would force them to completely reevaluate their priorities going forward, particularly with LeBron being able to become a free agent after this season.

Would they trade him if they knew they weren't going to make the playoffs or if he asked them to? Possibly. However, it would have to be more than Simmons' proposal, with Herro, Robinson, Jovic, a first-rounder, and a pick swap being a far more competitive offer for a 39-year-old in the final year of his contract and possibly his career. Original trade grade: D; revised trade grade: B.