2016 NBA Draft Sleeper: Gary Payton II

Gary Payton II is a name that will ring a lot of bells because of who his dad is, but the former Oregon State point guard might be one of the biggest sleepers in the 2016 NBA draft, not just because of his last name.

The 2016 NBA Draft might not have one of the stronger classes, but is is a deep class. There are many players late in the first and into the second round that should be able to help out an NBA team right away, and one of those players in point guard Gary Payton II.

The former Oregon State point guard averaged 16.0 points, 7.8 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game last season.

Payton was the primary ball-handler, go-to scorer and the team’s best defender. He is a versatile player that can do just about everything on both ends of the floor. One of Payton’s weakest skills is his shooting.

He only shot 31.4 percent from deep last year, but his release and shot is fine, he just needs to start hitting them at a more consistent clip.

Payton is not getting first-round looks and he is projected by many respected draft gurus/websites to be a late second-round pick. Payton is the kind of player that can help out an NBA team right away with his ability to facilitate, play defens, and with his athleticism.

Some teams are hesitant to take a guard that cannot shoot consistently from deep, but Payton’s shot is not broken and he can improve his shooting.

Payton’s Outlook

The thing that is great about Payton is his physicality on both ends of the floor. He has great size for a point guard at 6-foot-4 and he is not afraid to draw contact when attacking the rim. He is also one of the most athletic backcourt players in the draft and he knows how to throw it down.

He can match up with many players in the backcourt, but he must improve on the offensive end with his shooting if he wants to have a long career.

His mid-range jump shot is shaky, along with his outside shooting, but he is great at attacking the rim and he is a decent finisher. If a team wants to use Payton in its rotation next season, he will probably be used as a utility point guard who can help with defense, facilitating and rebounding.

Payton is savvy on the offensive end as well, which is why teams should take him at the beginning of the second round.


Payton is good at just about everything (minus shooting), which makes him intriguing for many teams, and he deserves more praise then he is getting.

Whatever team ends up taking Payton should be thrilled with the player they are getting because he will able to help out a team right away. It is hard to compare him to his father, and it is not fair to do that. Gary Payton II has the ability to make his own name for himself in the NBA.

Watch for Payton to get selected in the early second round, and whatever team takes him will be very happy.