One-sentence progress reports for all 30 NBA teams as they enter the home stretch

Jayson Tatum, Tyler Herro
Jayson Tatum, Tyler Herro / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Southwest Division

San Antonio Spurs: The bad news for the Spurs is that they are on pace to have their worst season in franchise history, while the good news is that rookie Victor Wembanyama is looking more and more like a superstar each game he plays.

Houston Rockets: If the Rockets were even a normal level of bad on the road (6-24), they would be in the playoffs instead of a lottery team.

Memphis Grizzlies: Few expected the Grizzlies to have the sixth-worst record in the NBA, but Ja Morant's suspension and a snowball of injuries have turned them into a lottery team.

Dallas Mavericks: It appears that the Mavericks have gotten a post-trade deadline boost and are 7-3 in their last 10 games, but they are still waiting for the PJ Washington addition to pay dividends. 

New Orleans Pelicans: Lost in the recent controversy surrounding the Pelicans is that Zion Williamson is on pace to play the most games of his career and the Pelicans are in the mix for a top-4 seed in the West.