2024 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Detroit adds elite wing, Spurs land playmaking savant

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Now that it is officially 2024 and most NBA teams are nearing the halfway point of their schedule, we have a better idea of who will be picking in the lottery in this year's draft. The Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, and San Antonio Spurs, among the worst teams in the league, will have a chance to land the number one pick come June, with each team having very specific needs.

The Spurs need playmaking, the Pistons may prioritize shooting, and the Wizards simply need a player with even a chance at becoming a star. Consequently, this year's draft could not only help those teams but also several of the other teams projected to pick in the top 10. Let's take a look at which top prospects are expected to go where in the 2024 NBA Draft.

1st Pick: Detroit Pistons-Matas Buzelis

With Detroit finally snapping a two-month-long losing streak, it's safe to say they need the number one pick in the draft more than any other team. The Pistons' biggest need is shooting with several non-shooters in their rotation. If they do end up with the number one pick, Bleacher Report has the Pistons selecting Matas Buzelis, a 6'8 wing with shooting and playmaking potential.

Buzelis may take a few years to develop but he could be just what the Pistons need. He would give them a knock-down shooter who can capitalize off of the attention Cade Cunningham draws when the ball is in his hands. He could also serve as a secondary behind Cade or a third-shot creator behind him and Jaden Ivey.

After taking Asuar Thompson fifth overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, selecting another wing might result in a minutes crunch but the Pistons can't worry about that given their recent struggles. Taking the best player available and seeing which of their recent lottery picks pan out is the Pistons' best bet going forward if they hope to turn things around.