Latest NBA player poll should finally settle the LeBron-Jordan debate for good

A recent poll from The Athletic confirms once and for all who is the true GOAT of the NBA
2022 NBA All-Star Game
2022 NBA All-Star Game / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Two of the greatest basketball players who ever walked the earth. Two men who revolutionized the game. Two unquestioned legends.

But there's only one GOAT, and The Athletic has ran a poll asking anonymous NBA players to chime in as to who they believe is the greatest of all time. 133 votes were cast, and the results were Jordan at 45.9% compared to LeBron's 42.1%. The Athletic says that MJ should be getting nervous, but was that authors Sam Amick and Josh Robbins talking or Shannon Shape and his LeBron James-loving minions?

Forget that for a moment, the poll states that Michael Jordan is still considered the NBA GOAT over LeBron James. It may be hard for the new generation to comprehend and they will undoubtedly run to their keyboards in tears and proceed to hammer away their frustrations and protest etc. But it's not going to do them any good.

The Atheltic confirms that Michael Jordan still is and will always be the GOAT over LeBron James

Some will point to Jordan's early struggles against the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons as the reasons why Jordan is not the goat. Furthermore, they highlight how LeBron James was a first-round machine and never got knocked out as badly as Jordan did. Sure, that's fine. But last we checked, there's a thing called the NBA Finals.

In that event, Michael Jordan was 6-0 with six MVPs and never allowed the series to go seven games. Six or less. In contrast, LeBron is 4-6, including two SWEEPS. Yes, the 3-1 comeback against the 73-9 Warriors is excellent and spectacular, and LeBron ran into some incredible teams and players including Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, etc.

But who did Jordan beat? That's the question people will ask. Well, listen up. Magic Johnson and the Lakers, Clyde Drexler, and the Trailblazers, Charles Barkley and the Suns, Gary Payton and the Sonic, and lastly Karl Malone and John Stockton with the Jazz. That is pure firepower right there. Oh, and he never lost. Like LaVar Ball, undefeated with no losses.

No doubt, LeBron James is great. He's the all-time leading scorer, he's a role model, and he's just a good dude. Michael Jordan is the goat. The sneaker, the aura, the mystique, and the sheer competitive drive and willingness to destroy the competition without any mercy. No. 23 in Chicago is and will always be the greatest of all time. Case closed.

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