Are the Atlanta Hawks on the verge of making another huge mistake?

Trae Young
Trae Young / David Berding/GettyImages

No one seems to have a clue about what the Atlanta Hawks will do this summer, possibly even the Hawks. Admittedly, the Hawks don't have an easy task considering they have to decide whether to trade one or both of their stars and that was made more complicated by them landing the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft lottery.

They weren't expected to be in this position and this draft class is seen as being less than stellar. Still, there have been a couple of reports that have linked them to Connecticut center Donovan Clingan, suggesting that they are considering taking him first overall. While he looks like he will be a terrific center in the NBA, possibly even a future Defensive Player of the Year winner, his offensive upside isn't nearly as promising.

Compare him to Alexandre Sarr, who has two-way potential and more versatility, and it seems likely that he would be the perfect option for the number one pick instead of Clingan. 

Are the Atlanta Hawks about to make another huge draft mistake?

There was a recent rumor that the San Antonio Spurs may look to trade up in their draft to try and acquire the number one pick. If true, it would give the Atlanta Hawks the chance to acquire Clingan with the fourth pick while also being able to use the eighth pick as well.

In that case, the Hawks apparent interest in Clingan makes a lot more sense but it's far from guaranteed that the Hawks will look to trade down in the draft. Assuming they don't, then they should be looking to draft Sarr, who has more offensive potential and a higher overall ceiling than Clingan does.

Hawks fans are likely well aware of what's at stake since the team famously drafted Luka Doncic and traded him for Trae Young and what would turn out to be Cam Reddish.

Although Sarr doesn't have nearly as high of a ceiling as Doncic did at the time, that move, along with a disastrous Dejounte Murray trade show that the Hawks haven't made great decisions in recent years. Moreover, they have a chance of making another major mistake that negatively affects them for years to come if they aren't careful.