NBA Rumors: Spurs considering a major trade with the Hawks 

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The upcoming 2024 NBA Draft will give the San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks a chance to dramatically improve their rosters. However, a surprising report from ESPN's Jonathan Givony suggests that the Spurs, who own the fourth and eighth picks, could trade up with Atlanta to land the top pick. The Spurs and Hawks have previously been linked, with San Antonio being rumored to have interest in Dejounte Murray and Trae Young.

This potential deal wouldn't include either, however, with San Antonio presumably moving up to select Zaccharie Risacher first overall. On the other hand, the Hawks have been rumored to have interest in Donovan Clingan, who should be available with the fourth pick.

In theory, Atlanta can trade down and get the player that they want while also being able to draft another top prospect. While there are reasons for both teams to consider a trade, would they?

Should the San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks swap draft picks?

Considering that the Spurs have a need at point guard and small forward, they could use both the fourth and eighth picks to fill those needs. Then again, trading up would allow them to add Risacher, who would be a perfect fit given his size, shooting ability, and defensive potential. The Spurs will also have up to $20 million in cap space, which they can use to address their point guard needs.

That is definitely a possibility, but having two top-8 picks is better than one in a questionable draft, especially given that there are several intriguing point guard prospects such as Nikola Topic, Reed Sheppard, Stephon Castle, and Rob Dillingham.

As for the Hawks, keeping the top pick would allow them to draft Alexandre Saar, who has star potential compared to Clingan, who projects to be an above-average center. Ultimately, the Spurs may be considering trading up in the draft. Nevertheless, a potential deal between them and the Hawks doesn't make much sense for either team.