32 players you forgot were once NBA All-Stars

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11) Kenyon Martin

Former number one overall pick Kenyon Martin was the prize of the 2000 NBA draft. Of course, that draft is widely considered one of the worst in sports history and Martin didn't have a career typical of a number-one overall pick. Be that as it may, Martin would have a long career and even make an All-Star team.

Martin was drafted by the New Jersey Nets and played well but not great, at least until the arrival of Jason Kidd. Kidd's elite passing and ability to get out in transition proves to be a perfect fit for Martin's above-the-rim style of play. Kidd and Martin turned out to be a terrific pairing, with Martin's athleticism allowing him to go up and catch whatever Kidd threw to him.

With Martin playing a key role, the Nets made consecutive NBA Finals, though they lost to the Lakers and Spurs. In the 2003–04 season, Martin made his first and only All-Star team, averaging 15.4 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game. That recognition eventually led to him leaving the Nets and he agreed to a six-year deal with the Denver Nuggets to play alongside Carmelo Anthony.

Although the Nuggets were successful during each of those six seasons with Martin, he simply wasn't worth the $86 million, particularly after microfracture surgery robbed him of his elite leaping ability. In fact, Denver's decision to pay him is generally considered to be one of the worst free agent signings in NBA history.

Martin bounced around after his contract ended, playing for four more teams but failing to replicate the success he had with the Nets and failing to live up to being selected first overall.