2024 NBA Draft: Ranking 8 top prospects fit from awkward to awesome for the Spurs

2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver
2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs now know where they will pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and they will have both the fourth and eighth selections. That gives them a chance to add to a terrific young core, although this year's draft isn't brimming with obvious talent like in years past.

The Spurs will have to rely on their knack for finding diamonds in the rough in the hopes of getting the most out of their two top-8 selections. The goal is to find two prospects who can carve out a long-term role with the team and make life easier on their new franchise cornerstone, Victor Wembanyama.

No matter who they select, the Spurs will probably strongly weigh how their draftee will fit alongside Wembanyama and there are several options to choose from. Some of them theoretically fit better than others but all have a case to be picked in the top 8. With the draft a little over a month away from now, let's go through and take a look at several top prospects and rank their fit with San Antonio from awkward to awesome.