Why Bol Bol is everything the Orlando Magic have been searching for

Bol Bol, Orlando Magic - Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports
Bol Bol, Orlando Magic - Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports /

After being traded at the deadline to the Orlando Magic, many questions surrounded the potential of the 7’2″ big man Bol Bol. As of late, Bol has been putting the league on notice. However, this is nothing new for the seven-footer, as he stayed patient, waiting for his opportunity in the NBA.

Furthermore, Bol is proving that, when given a chance, he will not disappoint. So far this season, Bol is averaging 11.5 points and 7.5 rebounds while shooting 67% from the field and 52.6% from three. In addition, he is tied for fourth in the league in blocks while only playing 23.5 minutes.

Although the season is still young, Bol has shown that he is one of Magic’s most valuable pieces. The team’s coaching staff understands this and is using him to the best of his abilities. With Bol’s size and impressive skill set, he is frequently the ball handler in pick-and-roll situations. This typically causes trouble for opposing teams, leading to more points on the scoreboard.

Alongside several other stars in Paolo Banchero, Wendell Carter Jr, and Franz Wagner,

Bol is next up in the Orlando Magic’s rebuild for the future. He possesses all of the tools needed to be a sustainable superstar in the NBA. If Bol continues to develop, the Magic may have found the answer they have been searching for over the last few seasons.

The sky’s the limit for Bol Bol as he continues to prosper with the Orlando Magic.

Despite his two-way excellence for the Orlando Magic, the concern with Bol Bol is his health. Like his college days at Oregon, Bol faced health issues early in his professional career. This held him back in his time with the Denver Nuggets, as he constantly battled injuries through his first three seasons.

While he may have previously faced difficulties, the Magic’s coaching staff is not coercing minutes off Bol’s shoulders. He is gradually playing more, making it easier for his body to handle. Not to mention, Bol has eclipsed 30 minutes only four times this season.

In addition, Bol’s advanced statistics are off the charts. Through 13 games thus far, Bol is averaging 8.2 contested shots and 1.9 blocks. These numbers are on the same level as some of the league’s best rim protectors. On top of that, Bol’s player efficiency rating (PER)  stands at 20.35. This is outstanding, especially considering he plays under 25 minutes per game.

Moreover, it is safe to say that the Magic have a unique talent in their hands with Bol. He has risen to each occasion and displayed why he was one of the highest prospects coming out of the 2019 NBA draft.

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As the season progresses, Bol’s role on the Magic will continue to increase, making room for another star in the game plan of head coach Jamahl Mosley.