Orlando Magic: All-decade most liked starting 5

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Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic may have suffered a lot through the years 2010-19, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t grow attached to some of the guys who suited up.

If you’ve been an Orlando Magic fan since at least 2010 onwards, then you’ve certainly known more heartbreak than joy. A finals run in 2009 being as good as it got, before a team that was a legitimate contender there for a minute was torn apart and only got back on its feet to close out the decade.

Despite there being not a lot of good times as the Orlando Magic continued to return to the lottery every year without ever landing a superstar, there were still a number of players who endeared themselves to the fans with not only how they played, but how they carried themselves playing for one of the worst franchises in the NBA.

Already we have looked at the guys from the decade who would make up their least-liked starting five, which as a result of all the losing and lack of caring that was done, was a good deal easier to put together than this list. Still, if you’ve been an Orlando Magic fan from 2010 right through to now, not only do you deserve a medal, you can now look back on these painful times and reminisce.

This is because the organization is in a better place now, and they say that nothing galvanizes or validates a fan’s support like sitting through the bad times and continuing to wear the team’s jersey and go to the games where possible. This has certainly been Magic fans, and the fact their attendance never dipped much lower than league average during this period is a testament to how some people managed to hang in there over the years.

What follows are the five most-liked players from the last decade. Not the best, although for a lot of seasons there wasn’t much of that going on either. Just the individuals who, through their play or how they settled in with the franchise, endeared themselves to fans.

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