Should The Portland Trail Blazers Go After Dwight Howard?

The Portland Trail Blazers exceeded expectations this season by making it to the second round of the NBA playoffs, but they need help in the frontcourt. Dwight Howard could be the player that they are looking for.

The Portland Trail Blazers finished the season 44-38, which was unexpected due to the fact that the team lost four of its five starters from last year’s playoff squad. The only starter that remained was Damian Lillard, who had a great season by averaging 26.5 points per game.

The emergence of C.J. McCollum helped the team a lot as well, as he averaged 20.5 points per game and took down Most Improved Player honors.

The Trail Blazers showed this season that they have one of the best backcourts in the NBA and one of the brightest futures after their gritty and impressive playoff performance, but they are still missing help in the frontcourt.

Mason Plumlee and and Ed Davis are the two true frontcourt players on the Trail Blazers, while Al-Farouq Aminu and Maurice Harkless also see some time in the frontcourt as well. Both Plumlee and Davis average less than 10 points per game, which is why the team needs a dominant force down low.

Plumlee and Davis cannot take over a game and neither of them are great on defense, which is why the Blazers need to go after a dominant frontcourt player in the offseason.

Dwight Howard is a name that comes up in a lot of free agency rumors because he might opt out of his contract in July and look for a new home. Portland should try to make a move for the former All-sStar because he is a risk worth taking.

Howard’s Outlook

Many pundits and fans believe Howard cannot take over a game anymore or help a team win, but he could help the Trail Blazers in a big way.

Yes, in the past he has been known to not be great in the locker room and sometimes he does not give 100 percent on the court, but in Portland things could be different. He would not be the No. 1 option, but he would be the No. 1 option in the frontcourt and would be relied on heavily to rebound as well.

Howard averaged 13.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game this season for the Houston Rockets. Even though it was a down year for Howard, he still showed that he can take over a game, but he also showed that he can play without a lot of drive.

It did not look like Howard enjoyed playing for the Rockets, which is why he did not give it his all every game. This is a little discouraging, but Portland could be a fresh start for Howard.

Howard receives a lot of criticism from fans because of his lack of effort on the court from time to time and because the past couple teams have gone downhill since his arrival, but Portland needs Dwight Howard more than he needs Portland.


If Dwight Howard opts out of his contract, the Trail Blazers should do all they can to sign the center. He still has the ability to take over games, and Portland’s bright future should fuel Howard and make him give 100 percent in every game.