Winning the NBA Draft lottery provides the Hawks with 3 much-needed options

After surprisingly landing the number one overall pick, the Atlanta Hawks are suddenly flush with options but which one will they choose this summer? 
Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks
Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Entering Sunday, the Atlanta Hawks had just a 13.9% chance to jump into a top-four pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Additionally, they had a mere 3% chance to secure the #1 overall pick… but that is exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, this year’s draft is considered one of the weakest drafts since the infamous 2013 NBA Draft, when Anthony Bennett was drafted 1st overall. Despite this, the Hawks lucking into the top selection provides them with an unforeseen surplus of options on how to best move forward with their franchise and roster.

With the #1 overall pick, the Hawks are in a unique and very pivotal point in their franchise’s history. The Trae Young-Dejounte Murray backcourt has been an undeniable failure thus far and change is definitely needed.

Even before Atlanta was bounced from the Play-In as the 10th seed, the entire NBA community was discussing how the team is in desperate need of a reset and they have no other options aside from trading Trae Young or Dejounte Murray. With the #1 pick in the upcoming draft, however, things just got much more interesting for the Hawks.

The general consensus among NBA scouts is that there is no Paolo Banchero or Cade Cunningham-caliber prospect in this year’s draft, let alone anyone that is close to someone like Anthony Edwards or Victor Wembanyama. The vast majority of draft analysts do not even have a clear consensus best player in this draft.

This conundrum could lead the Hawks in three distinct directions but which route would be best for the Hawks?