Why Spurs fans should root against their team during the NBA Draft Lottery 

NBA Draft Lottery
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In just a few days, the San Antonio Spurs will learn where they will select in the 2024 NBA draft. There is a lot at stake for San Antonio, who managed to overcome the odds to land the number one overall pick in last year's draft, which allowed them to select Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama.  

This year's prize isn't nearly as good, with no clear-cut top prospect, but the Spurs pick, while technically fifth in the draft order, has a 31.6% chance of jumping into the top-3 and a 55.6% of being sixth thru ninth.

Although the 2024 draft isn't well regarded, having potentially two top-10 picks is a good thing in theory. However, if the Raptors pick doesn't convey this year, then that might not be such a bad thing for San Antonio.  

Why Spurs fans should root against their team in the NBA Draft Lottery 

The 2025 draft is generally seen as being a much better draft, and the Spurs currently have several picks. In addition to their own selection, they have Chicago's top-10 protected pick, Atlanta's unprotected pick, Charlotte's top-14 protected pick, and potentially Toronto's top-six protected pick.

Having up to five picks in a much better draft would be a favorable outcome, though it's possible that some of those selections don't convey. The Hornets have missed the playoffs the last two seasons. While they may end up with the top pick in this year's draft, the franchise doesn't have much incentive to go all out to make the playoffs next season.

Particularly with Cooper Flagg projected to be the number one pick in 2025. All isn't lost; however, should that pick fail to convey, it would turn into two second-round picks, potentially good ones too, given how sorry the Hornets have been lately. 

The Raptors could theoretically do the same, though they made deals near the trade deadline to add young talent instead of tearing down their roster. That should give the Spurs a chance to pick up a top-10 selection and add a presumably better prospect next season, should that pick not convey. 

The Spurs could be better off having Toronto's pick roll over to next year.

If that is the case, the Spurs should still have at least four first-round picks next year. And while they probably aren't going to use all four of them, they could package a couple of those selections to move up to land a higher pick. Or they may even trade one of those selections to another team for an unprotected or lightly protected pick several years down the road. 

That would preserve the asset and possibly net the Spurs a better one down the road. Trading, say, the 11th pick in the 2025 draft via Chicago for another team's 2027 top-3 protected first would make sense and net San Antonio a potentially high lottery pick when they could be competing for championships. 

Having that option begins with the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery, which is Sunday, May 12th. Although Spurs fans probably hope that their team's selection is as high as possible, they might want to consider rooting against receiving Toronto's pick.

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