Wembanyama's new Steph Curry-esque skill proves he's already an elite scoring threat

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Reigning number one overall pick Victor Wembanyama is having quite the rookie season for the San Antonio Spurs. He was also having a strong season but has progressively gotten better by cutting down on his mistakes. Initially, Wembanyama struggled with shot selection and turnovers but his teammates have done a better job (relatively speaking) of getting him the ball.

He has also cleaned up his turnovers. Previously, Wembanyama's teammates would struggle to get him the ball in the post, and he would sometimes get stripped or throw errant passes. That led to his bad habit of settling for threes instead of battling in the paint, which negatively impacted his efficiency.

However, surprisingly, Wembanyama's shot has not only begun to fall from outside but he has also shown off a lethal new aspect to his game that could make him unstoppable. 

Victor Wembanyama's 3-point shooting could be a game-changer.

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry didn't invent shooting threes off the dribble, but he perfected and popularized it. Being able to knock down shots from outside while playing on-ball not only increases the number of 3-point attempts but makes it that much harder for defenses. Especially with Curry, who has range out to near half-court.

While Wembanyama may not have that range, he has developed a surprising ability to shoot off the dribble and is already among the best in the league at it. His being able to pull up in transition, or pull his defender away from the rim, forces them to guard him outside of their comfort zone makes him all the harder to guard.

In fact, he has even begun incorporating step backs and side steps into his game. That combines his shooting ability with his size, with his long strides allowing him to cover major ground to gain separation. He can also use those long strides to his advantage by pump faking, putting the ball on the floor, and get to the rim in just three strides.

That flourishing perimeter aspect of his game should help him punish less mobile opposing big men, while his size and steadily improving post-game will help him feast near the basket. All that is left is for the Spurs to land a point guard who can consistently get him the ball and Wembanyama could quickly become an elite player in the NBA for years to come.