Trust or Trade: Predicting the fates of 5 at-risk Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson
Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Trust: Draymond Green... for now.

It is hard for anyone to trust Warrior star Draymond Green after he repeatedly gets suspended, with the latest after he punched Phoenix Suns center Jusif Nurkic in the face. That punch cost him 12 games and likely further damaged his standing with the Warriors. Those incidents have seemingly increased, with Green having been suspended or disciplined in some way for violent acts a total of four times since before the start of last season.

Despite that, Golden State gave him a four-year, $100 million contract this past summer, and there were hopes that Green would remain with Golden State until the end of his career. That being said, with Greens play declining and his antics worsening, he is quickly becoming overpaid and the Warriors should cut bate if at all possible.

Even still, they may wait until after the season to see how he will respond after returning from suspension. If Green manages to play well and improves his trade value over the remainder of the season, Golden State should jump at the chance to move him in the offseason instead of hoping that he will keep it up over the remainder of his long contract.

While keeping the big three intact obviously has value for the team, it doesn't make sense long-term, with both Thompson and Green aging and Green proving costly in more ways than one. Based on that, Golden State should absolutely trade him if given the chance but in the offseason.