Trust or Trade: Predicting the fates of 5 at-risk Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson
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Trade: Andrew Wiggins

After securing a four-year, $110 million contract from Golden State last season, it appeared that they got a good deal for a two-way All-Star wing in Andrew Wiggins. Unfortunately, it appears they got duped instead.

Wiggins was the number one pick in the NBA draft back in 2014 and while talented, he hasn't fully lived up to his potential, resulting in the Timberwolves dumping him on the Warriors. While Wiggins developed into a key contributor and a star on the Warriors 2022 championship team, it appeared that that was a fluke. He hasn't been nearly the same player this season and with Wiggins struggling and owed more than $90 million in remaining salary, they should look to move on from him.

Assuming they decide to trade him, they may find a lukewarm trade market even though he is just 28 years old. In fact, they may have to include draft picks in a deal to help rid them of Wiggins. It is tough, though not impossible, and Golden State will need to do so at some point, assuming his play doesn't dramatically improve.