Thunder: Why Rookie of the Year is Chet Holmgren's to lose

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks
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Why Rookie of the Year is Chet Holmgren's to lose

In the end, Holmgren is having one of the most productive, impactful rookie seasons in NBA history while shooting over 50% from the field, 39% from three, and 86% from the charity stripe. He currently has a Box +/- of 5.2 and a true shooting percentage of 65%.

When you watch him play, he's always playing hard, whether it's diving to the rim off a roll, helping on a rotation defensively before blocking a shot, or stepping in before draining a three. Holmgren has that dog in him that you don't typically see in big men this tall and talented who can do it all on both ends.

He and Wembanyama are the next evolution of the game and will take the position and game to new heights if they fulfill their potential. They will have many battles throughout their career, with this Rookie of the Year being just the seed planted in the ground that will sprout into a tree over time.

As of right now Holmgren's production, efficiency, and impact on one of the best teams in the NBA may be too much for voters to ignore giving the Rookie of the Year Award to over the highly heralded Wembanyama. In what should be a very promising career for the Thunder's prized rookie... This is Holmgren's award to lose.