The Warriors' latest setback should make them sellers at the trade deadline

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors season is quickly going off the rail after losing starting power forward Draymond Green indefinitely and finding themselves four games below .500. If that's not enough, superstar Steph Curry is having one of the best seasons of his career, while key members of the supporting cast, including Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, are struggling.

With Green out for who knows how long, Thompson and Wiggins failing to live up to expectations, and an aging superstar forced to carry a bigger load, the Warriors appear to be in big trouble at the moment. With nothing going their way, Golden State could and should look to shake things up at the trade deadline.

Will the Golden State Warriors be aggressive at the trade deadline?

Draymond's latest incident is just one of many, in a long career full of erratic on-court behavior. But after 3 high-profile incidents in the last 7 months, he appears to be in the NBA's crosshairs due to his increasingly brazen antics.

Considering that the Warriors re-sign him to a four-year $100 million deal, they are stuck with him for the foreseeable future unless they look to move off of him at the deadline. While he may be damaged goods, several teams could be interested in acquiring him via trade, and the Warriors should be hard at work moving him.

The same could be said for Thompson and Wiggins. Thompson is on an expiring contract, and extension talks appear to be dead after Golden State low-balled him by offering a 2-year, $48 million deal.

That is far less than the near-max-level contract that he wanted, and his play hasn't exactly increased his value, with Thompson looking like a shell of his former self.

The Warriors may have to make tough decisions to save their season.

With Thompson playing poorly and on an expiring contract, Golden State would be wise to consider trading him. That would be difficult considering how much he's meant to the Warriors over the years, but with the two sides unable to agree to a new contract and his value sinking like a stone, they should see what they can get for Thompson.

As for Wiggins, he is in the first year of a four-year contract that will pay him at least $26 million a season. Worse yet, he is playing worse than Thompson, despite being several years younger and without the injury history. Wiggins might have even less of a trade market than Green or Thompson given his contract and play thus far, but the Warriors might be more motivated to move him for those reasons.

Last but not least is Chris Paul, who, while not the elite player he once was, has proven that he can still contribute. Paul has a team option for next season, and this may be his final season, potentially making his $29 million salary essentially an expiring contract.

A nearly $30 million expiring contract would allow the Warriors to more easily match salary in a deal for a star. Moreover, they have draft picks and young players like Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga to offer up as well. With the trade deadline less than two months away, there appears to be a good chance that the Warriors are sellers.

That doesn't necessarily mean that they would rebuild, however. Instead, they could use the players and assets received in possible deals for Green, Thompson, Wiggins, and/or Paul to build around Curry. Golden State isn't one for making big trades during the season, but they may be forced to if they want to compete for a championship this season.