The Spurs land their point guard of the future in this spicy proposed deal with the Pistons

Keldon Johnson
Keldon Johnson / Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons again find themselves at the bottom of the league standings, and big changes could soon be coming to each team. In fact, both are expected to be active ahead of the trade deadline, though possibly as sellers instead of buyers as they look to secure another high lottery pick.

Doing so won't make either team any better this season, but the Ringer's Bill Simmons recently suggested the framework for a bold trade that could be mutually beneficial.

With both teams struggling, they could help each other out of a tough spot, and Simmons proposes the Spurs try and acquire a recent top from the Pistons.

NBA Trades: The Spurs land Cade Cunningham in this spicy deal with the Pistons.

Spurs-Pistons Cade

While it is just a framework for a trade—an idea, really—the Spurs cashing in their considerable assets for Cade Cunningham is an interesting thought. Of course, even as he and the Pistons have struggled, Cunningham is still seen as the future of their team.

Though the Spurs do have the assets needed to potentially trade for him should he become available. A hypothetical deal could include the Spurs trading Keldon Johnson and three first-round picks, including the Spurs' likely top-5 pick in the 2024 NBA draft, for Cunningham and Marvin Bagley III.

While the Pistons have given no indication that they would trade Cunningham, that would definitely be a strong offer. After all, it would give them a young starter in Johnson, who's on one of the best contracts in the NBA. They would also have two potential top-5 picks in next year's draft, including their own, and two possible future lottery picks from the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks.

If the Pistons agreed to the hypothetical deal, the Spurs would get a big playmaker with defensive potential who could solve their issues at point guard. He would also help them continue to build a position-less lineup with rising star Victor Wembanyama. Getting Cunningham would accelerate San Antonio's rebuild and would be a worthy use of three firsts and Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Pistons core as constructed doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being a playoff team, and they could look to shake things up by fielding offers for recent lottery picks such as Killian Hayes, Jaden Ivey, and possibly even Cunningham.

If so, then the Spurs should absolutely take Simmons' advice and go hard after the recent number one overall pick to try and pair him with Wembanyama.

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