The 75 greatest players in NBA history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

The 75 greatest NBA players of all-time, ranked by PER
Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant
Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant / Harry How/GettyImages
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6. David Robinson-26.18

Although he is always overlooked in all-time rankings, David Robinson is an advanced stats superstar. He was both a dominant and efficient scorer during his prime and a strong rebounder. Also, he is arguably the greatest shot blocker ever considering he essentially blocked 3,000 shots in 14 seasons despite missing two seasons of his prime due to his naval service and sitting out most of the 1996 season. 

He even put-up terrific steals and he was simply dominant on both ends of the floor and his PER reflects that. Actually, he is one of just five players to have a quadruple-double, proving that he was well-rounded on the basketball court.

He was also selfless, taking a backseat to Tim Duncan when he still could have put up bigger numbers for a couple more seasons. That paid off with the Twin Towers winning two championships in five years, which was also impressive since they ended the Shaq and Kobe Lakers quest for four straight championships.

Numbers don't lie and it's clear that Robinson is a top-tier player all-time, even if he tends to get overlooked nowadays.