The 75 greatest players in NBA history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

The 75 greatest NBA players of all-time, ranked by PER

Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant
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25.    Oscar Robertson-23.19

12-time NBA all-star Oscar Robertson was well-known for his all-round game. During his 14-year career, he averaged an incredible 25.7 points, 9.5 assists, and 7.5 rebounds per game and became the first player to average a triple-double. Not only that but he led the NBA in assists five times and shot the ball surprisingly well given that he played in the 1960s, when the league was faster and not nearly as efficient.

That helps him offset the fact that blocks and steals weren't counted for all but one season of his career, along with his scoring, playmaking, and passing, helping him crack the top-25 in career PER. All things considered, his being ranked that high in PER helps to solidify the stat since it is often viewed as being unfavorable to guards and wings, particularly point guards.

Then again, few point guards put up numbers like Robertson did over the course of his career, unless it was Russell Westbrook. Some of that can be attributed to him playing for the Cincinnati Royals, who were one of the fastest teams in the already breakneck-paced NBA of the 1960s but PER helps to adjust for pace. Robertson was clearly one of the best players of his era and according to this stat, one of the 25 greatest players of all time.