The 75 greatest NBA players of the 2010s, ranked

Stephen Curry, James Harden
Stephen Curry, James Harden / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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64) Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez, the current starting center for the Milwaukee Bucks, has dramatically changed his game to stay relevant and is still playing well, even in his mid-thirties. That shouldn't be all that surprising, considering he was one of the better players of the 2010s. 

Lopez played with the New Jersey Nets and then the Brooklyn Nets for the first nine seasons of his career and was more of a low-post scorer than he is now and he certainly wasn't nearly as good defensively. During his seven seasons with the Nets during the 2010s, Lopez put up 19.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks in 483 games but made just one all-star team in that span. 

He later played a season with the Los Angeles Lakers before joining Milwaukee, where his career experienced a Renaissance. His development into a high-volume 3-point shooter and an elite rim protector suddenly made him a valuable player again and helped the Bucks win a championship in 2021. That doesn't count here, though his all-star appearance and decade averages of 17.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.7 blocks in 635 games do reflect Lopez's strong yet underrated 2010s.