The 21 greatest NBA players who never scored 50 points in a game

Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett
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9) Jason Kidd

With a nickname of "Ason Kidd" because of his lack of a jump shot, it's not surprising that NBA great Jason Kidd never scored 50 points in a game despite his greatness. Kidd was likely the most well-rounded point guard of his generation, known for his rebounding, hounding defense, and, of course, his playmaking.

Scoring wasn't near the top of the list but that was partly due to his unselfishness and partly because he struggled early on to knock down shots from the outside. Kidd eventually improved, shooting nearly 35% from three over his career and finishing 12 threes shy of 2000 made threes, more than respectable.

Be that as it may, he shot surprisingly poorly inside the arc despite being an above-average point guard in terms of size and he also failed to get to the free throw line as often as one would suspect for a player of his caliber. Those factors contributed to his career-high being a solid, if unspectacular, 43 points as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

Big offensive performances weren't part of Kidd's game but he still managed to lead the New Jersey Nets to consecutive NBA Finals and helped the Dallas Mavericks win their first championship, proving his place amongst the all-time greats.