The 15 greatest NBA players without a championship ring, ranked

All Star West Team players Allen Iverson
All Star West Team players Allen Iverson / TIMOTHY A. CLARY/GettyImages
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5. Steve Nash

Steve Nash's unique skill set and statistical achievements solidify his place as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. The former NBA point guard is known for his exceptional playmaking skills, court vision, and shooting ability. He wasn’t a good defender but his ability to score, distribute the ball, and generate steals made him one of the most well-rounded and effective players of his generation. Nash's back-to-back MVP awards underscore his impact on the game during his prime years. 

Nash is a member of the exclusive 50-40-90 club and is the only member of the group to achieve the feat more than twice, doing so four times in his career. He, along with LeBron James and Magic Johnson, are the only three players in NBA history with 15,000 points, 10,000 assists, and 800 steals and an NBA MVP award, a testament to Nash's longevity, consistency, and all-around excellence throughout his career.

His influence on the game of basketball extends beyond his accomplishments. As the orchestrator of Mike D'Antoni's "seven seconds or less" offensive scheme, he also played a pivotal role in popularizing the fast-paced, up-tempo style of play that emphasizes ball movement and teamwork that we see many teams use today.