Tank Commanders: Every terrible NBA team's secret weapon to landing the No. 1 pick

Detroit Pistons
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Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson

Number two overall pick Scoot Henderson is the highest-profile tank commander among the worst teams. There were high expectations for Scoot when he was drafted but he hasn't had the rookie season that many expected him to have. He struggled with injuries early on and hasn't factored into the Rookie of the Year race like many expected, with him failing to consistently finish at the rim and struggling to shoot from outside.

Through 43 games thus far, Scoot has averaged just 12.9 points on 48.4 percent true shooting as well as 4.7 assists per game. He also has an ugly -10.5 net rating, an 8.9 PER and -0.050 win shares per 48 minutes. His struggles have helped the Portland Trail Blazers win just 15 games and put them in a position to have another top-5 pick.

After moving on from franchise icon Damian Lillard, that might be the best thing for them in the long run, allowing them to slowly build through the draft. Still, they will need Scoot to play better. A bad rookie season isn't exactly unheard of for a teenage point guard so this probably won't mean much unless he is similarly bad next season.