Tank Commanders: Every terrible NBA team's secret weapon to landing the No. 1 pick

Detroit Pistons
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Charlotte Hornets-Ish Smith

13-year NBA veteran Smith is having a poor season. While he's on pace to play more than a thousand minutes this year for the Hornets, Smith has been a mess. He has a -11.5 net rating, a 43.5 true shooting percentage—I didn't even know that was possible—and a 6.5 PER. Having a backup point guard who can't shoot doesn't help the Hornets, who have buzzed under the radar as one of the worst teams in the NBA this season.

Smith has done his part in helping Charlotte be terrible and they have a good chance at a top-three pick in the 2024 NBA draft as a result. That might be for the best, with Charlotte having several good young players such as LaMelo Ball, Mark Williams, and Brandon Miller, but they are still seemingly far away from being a good team.

The upcoming NBA draft doesn't feature any can't-miss prospects so teams may take fit into account more than normal. The Hornets may do the same and could use help on the wing and at power forward and Smith is doing all he can to help the cause.