Tank Commanders: Every terrible NBA team's secret weapon to landing the No. 1 pick

Detroit Pistons
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The term tank command has become popular among fans in recent years to describe the worst player on bad teams whose poor play has led them to losses. While it's definitely not a good thing to be considered a tank commander, the upside for fans is that they can help their favorite team secure a high lottery pick. 

Having a high lottery pick is often the best way for a terrible team to improve and that has even led to fans hoping that their teams lose. With that in mind, let's take a look at each team's tank commander over the remainder of the regular season.

Detroit Pistons: James Wiseman

Who would have thought that former number two overall pick James Wiseman would be so bad at basketball? He quickly washed out in Golden State, resulting in his being moved for several second-round picks in a deal that included the Detroit Pistons, and he has proceeded to be an incredibly underwhelming backup center to Jalen Duren.

He boasts the worst net rating of any rotation player on the Pistons this season, with a -13, proving that he is a major negative during his 15.8 minutes per game and it is clear to see why. He isn't good at any one thing on offense or defense and has a notoriously low basketball IQ.

The fact that he is struggling in limited minutes at backup center doesn't bode well for his longevity in the NBA.  It's not particularly difficult to find a reliable backup, especially with teams having moved away from two big-men lineups.

That has made the decision to play him questionable and has resulted in the Pistons again being the worst team in the NBA and Wiseman's play has certainly contributed to that as their tank commander. It seems like a safe bet that he won't have a qualifying offer extended to him this summer, but you never know with the Pistons.