Ranking the three biggest threats to the Nuggets repeat title hopes

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2) Minnesota Timberwolves

Last year was a poor showing for the Timberwolves, who, after cashing in essentially all their trade chips for Rudy Gobert, barely made it to the playoffs and were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the first round.

The series only lasted five games, but even Denver admits that it was their toughest matchup throughout their 2023 Finals run. We’re now 25 games into the 2023–24 season, and we can see what Denver meant by that. Minnesota is outperforming all expectations, as they hold the 1st seed in the West with a 20-5 record. 

Anthony Edwards is having his best season yet; Rudy Gobert has been the defensive monster that people have been waiting on; and Karl Anthony-Towns has finally settled into his role. And the depth on this roster is without a doubt among the best in the league. Jaden McDaniels, Mike Conley, Kyle Anderson, and Naz Reid have all played key roles in the team’s success so far. 

For once, the Minnesota Timberwolves are a well-constructed basketball team that is not only good on paper but is delivering the results. And unlike last year’s playoffs, Minnesota is expected to be fully healthy, as Jaden McDaniels and Naz Reid did not play in that series. 

Overall, the Wolves have everything it takes—star power, depth, and a proper matchup—to take down the Nuggets. There’s just one team that poses an even stronger threat to the reigning champs—matchup—to