Ranking the best-available sharpshooters in the 2024 NBA free agency

Klay Thompson, Malik Beasley
Klay Thompson, Malik Beasley / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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3) Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley signed a one year, veteran’s minimum deal with the Milwaukee Bucks and he more than outplayed that contract. Beasley shot his highest three-point percentage since 2019 (41.3 percent) and shot a blistering 42 percent on catch and shoot looks on nearly five attempts per game. Beasley also shot 47 percent on corner threes, and 47 percent on wide-open looks. Beasley was also 11th in total three-point makes this season with 224.

Beasley kept up his hot shooting in the postseason, despite the Bucks getting bounced in the first round against the Indiana Pacers. Beasley averaged nine points per game and shot 44 percent from three-point range in the series. 

After a shooting season like this, Beasley is expected to receive a huge payday in free agency, one that is expected to draw him away from the Bucks. Milwaukee is cash strapped right now with nearly 150 million worth of salary for next year committed to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, Khris Middleton, and Brook Lopez.

The teams that are reportedly interested in Beasley are the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic, two teams that have cap space and desperately need shooting. He will likely receive interest from contenders as well, so expect him to break the bank this offseason.