Ranking the best-available sharpshooters in the 2024 NBA free agency

Klay Thompson, Malik Beasley
Klay Thompson, Malik Beasley / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The most important part of today’s NBA is shooting. Just ask the Boston Celtics, the current NBA champions, how essential shooting was to their success. The Celtics were first in makes, first in attempts, and second in percentage for three-point shooting in the regular season.

In the playoffs, the Celtics were first in attempts and makes, but sixth in percentage. Even their opponent, the Dallas Mavericks were in the top six of every major shooting category this playoffs. Shooting plays a huge part in team success.

This is why shooting is so sought after in today’s free agency landscape and why they get paid in free agency. With that being said, with free agency set to begin, here are the four best sharpshooters available in free agency.

4) Klay Thompson

It is widely expected that Klay Thompson will leave the Golden State Warriors this offseason and he is expected to receive heavy interest. Teams like the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Denver Nuggets are expected to show interest in the veteran sharpshooter. Thompson may not be the marksman he was before his two major injuries, but he is still one of the best shooters in the NBA.

This past season, Thompson shot 39 percent from three, the lowest percentage of his NBA career. However, Thompson was still in the top five in makes per game at about four and fourth in total makes this season with 268. This marks the ninth straight full season that he’s played where he has been inside the top five in makes per game and total makes. Thompson also had the highest three-point rate of his career, as 61 percent of his shots were threes.

Unfortunately, Thompson’s season did not end on the best of notes though, as he went 0-for-10 in the play-in against the Sacramento Kings and 0-for-six from three-point range in 32 minutes of play. It was only the second full game of the season in which Thompson played and failed to make a three-pointer. 

Nonetheless, Thompson is still the best shooter on the market in free agency and it is no surprise that he is receiving heavy interest around the league. Any team that adds him will have a lethal floor spacer that will make its offense dangerous.