Ranking the 10 best point guards of the 2023–24 NBA season

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks
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4. Steph Curry

Steph Curry is no longer the top dog of the point guard rankings. While that much is true, it's not as though he's fallen off of some proverbial cliff. Quite the contrary, actually, as Curry is keeping pace with his strong work from last season. Averaging 29.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 4.7 assists over 18 games, it's clear that Steph has yet to lose much of a step, if any.

What Steph has been able to do in his age-35 season is nothing short of special — launching 11.7 threes per game and sinking them at a 43.1 percent clip is truly special. As has been the case for some time, Curry continues to be the driving engine behind the Golden State Warriors' offense. Unfortunately for both Curry and the Warriors, the rest of the team has failed to keep pace all season.

The Warriors' lack of success can be attributed to many members of the organization. Players, coaches, and the front office have all contributed to the team's current standing in the West (11th), but it's hard to blame the guy whose numbers qualify to be in the MVP conversation.

Steph continues to be among the elite in the NBA, and his "fall" on this list says much more about those who have risen above him than it does about himself.