Ranking Giannis Antetokounmpo’s best, most memorable non-basketball clips

2024 NBA All-Star - Practice
2024 NBA All-Star - Practice / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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4. The Water Bottles

It’s easy to forget, sometimes, that athletes are people, too. Tremendously large? Yes. Tremendously rich? Occasionally, yes. Physical marvels that showcase the vast, gob-smacking potential of the human body? Absolutely. But, pinky promise, they are definitely still people, too. 

And given Giannis’ background, it’s moments like these that put things into perspective. It’s his version of Lebron’s infamous cheapness, but with the enthusiasm of a seal being given a yummy treat at a Seaworld performance. Heck, a moment like this might’ve been the first sign that he was never going to leave Milwaukee for free agency; the man seems fully content with where he is right now.

3. Where is Tim Duncan Anyways?

Comparing Giannis to Tim Duncan would be lame, as essentially the only similarity between the two superstars (and hall of famer for the latter) is that they’re both very large. Giannis is a bulldozer, while Duncan was like a precision knife for surgery that never dented even after 20 years (as you can see, I’m not a doctor). But when it comes to their personalities, it does seem like Giannis shares at least a smidgen of attributes with The Big Fundamental — which Giannis oh-so eloquently attests to here. 

I genuinely had a good laugh after first seeing this. While Giannis isn’t as mellow seeming as Duncan on the court, he does seem fairly private compared to other superstars, something Duncan was famous for. I ten thousand percent believe Giannis when he expresses his desire to vanish like Batman into the shadows, only to be heard briefly for, apparently, random presidential endorsements