Ranking each Eastern Conference playoff team based on their best player

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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6. Miami Heat

Best player: Bam Adebayo

With Jimmy Butler out for the entire first round of the playoffs due to an MCL sprain, the Heat’s next best player has now become Bam Adebayo. Adebayo has been the Heat’s second best player for the last few seasons, as he is their best defensive player and the team is just more organized offensively when he is on the court. 

During the regular season, Adebayo averaged 19 PPG, 10 rebounds, and about four assists. He also shot 52 percent from the field and a career-high 36 percent from three-point range. He has been the model of efficiency for the Heat. The question is, can he be the number one option?

In 21 games without Butler in the regular season, Adebayo averaged 22/11/5, and the Heat went 13-8 in those games. Miami was also able to get out of the play-in without Butler against the Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, their prize was drawing the number-one seed Boston Celtics, who blitzed the Heat in game one 114-94.

Adebayo was pretty solid, as he finished with 24 points, six rebounds, and three assists. However, he is not the assassin that Butler becomes in the playoffs at times and his offensive game is not diversified enough for the Heat to win this series and for Adebayo to be higher on this list. He is the perfect Robin, but he does not have enough offense to be a Batman, especially in the playoffs.