Ranking all active No. 1 picks in the NBA, from worst to best

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7) Zion Williamson

Zion’s career to this point has been very difficult to judge. If you were to go back in time to 2019 and tell the Pelicans that 5 years later, Zion's career averages would be 24.9 ppg, 6.6 rpg, and 3.9 apg, on over 60% from the floor, I am sure that would have been thrilled. However, his individual greatness has often been overshadowed by his injuries and concerns about his diet and commitment.

Now in his 5th NBA season, Zion has still played only 153 games total, the most coming in his second season, where he appeared in 61 games. Still, Zion has managed to earn two All-Star nods to this point and is currently enjoying a very solid and relatively healthy campaign.

Zion has appeared in 39 of the Pelicans' 49 contests and is on pace for his most games played to date. While his numbers are down just a tick, I am sure that the Pelicans would gladly sign up for a slight dip in efficiency if it meant a more healthy version of Zion.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of Zions first few seasons has been the fact that the Pelicans have really done a great job surrounding him with talent. Brandon Ingram is an excellent running mate, and CJ McCollum and a plethora of young, athletic wings make up what is one of the best-constructed rosters in the league.

At 28-21, they are in 7th place in the West and just a game and a half back of 5th. Getting Zion in the lineup on a more consistent basis may be the only thing preventing them from becoming a real threat in the Western Conference.