Ranking all active No. 1 picks in the NBA, from worst to best

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8) Victor Wembanyama

While Wemby’s Spurs remain dreadful, it is through no fault of his own. A household name by the time he was 16, Wemby entered the draft with more fanfare and expectations than anybody since Lebron, and he has largely lived up to the hype in his rookie campaign. Already a double-double machine, Wemby is averaging 20.4 ppg, and 10.3 rpg. His 20.4 ppg are the 6th most points per game by a rookie this century. The scariest thing is that offense isn’t even his best side of the floor.

On defense, Wemby is already among the league's best rim protectors, averaging 3.1 bpg which is the most by a rookie since Shaq in 1993. Wemby has recorded 47 steals and 134 blocks to this point. For comparison, his fellow countryman Rudy Gobert posted 44 steals and 129 blocks throughout his entire DPOY campaign in 2018.

Despite his incredible stats, the best part of Wemby’s rookie season has undoubtedly been his availability. Considering his unique body type, many people questioned how he would adjust to the NBA, yet he has only missed 6 games to this point. The Spurs have been very careful to manage his minutes and to this point it has paid off. Once Wembanyama is surrounded by a more talented roster, there is no telling the kind of production and impact he will have on a night to night basis.