Ranking all active No. 1 picks in the NBA, from worst to best

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13) Markelle Fultz

Fultz has had perhaps the strangest career for any former number 1 pick. After the Sixers traded up to number 1 in the 2017 draft, they selected Fultz. Fultz spent just two seasons in Philly, appearing in just 33 total games, becoming a total enigma in the process. His shooting form, and total ineffectiveness as a shooter became one of the most talked about topics in the Sports world.

After a trade to Orlando, Fultz began to find his footing as a solid NBA player. He stayed healthy, appearing in 72 games and emerged as the Magic’s starting point guard, averaging just over 12 ppg and 5 apg. He battled injuries in the two seasons that followed before his best campaign in 2022-23, where he appeared in 60 games and averaged 14.0 ppg and close to 6 assists.

This season he has been limited to just 16 games and his numbers are down compared to last year. While his jump shot never materialized, Fultz has at least reached a level where it appears he will put together a solid NBA career, health permitting.