Ranking all active No. 1 picks in the NBA, from worst to best

Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic
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4) Paolo Banchero

Perhaps higher on this list than some expected, but Banchero has been nothing short of incredible in his sophomore campaign. Banchero has the Magic tied with the Heat for 7th in a very competitive Eastern Conference, outperforming the expectations of many in the process.

Individually, Banchero has made quite the leap in his second season. Similarly to Edwards, his numbers are up across the board including a remarkable jump from 29.8% to 35.8% from three, which many considered to be his biggest weakness coming out of Duke.

An efficient 23.0 PPG, combined with roughly 7 RPG and 5 APG was enough to earn Banchero his first All-Star bid this past week. It feels like a safe bet to assume that this will be the first of many for Paolo.