Predicting where the NBA's top 20 free agents will play in 2024–25

ESPN released a ranking of the top 20 names in the 2024 NBA free agency pool, and here is where they may all play in 2024–25.
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16. Miles Bridges - Charlotte Hornets

This one is far more challenging to predict based on team needs and where said player may fit in well. Miles Bridges returned to the Charlotte Hornets this season after sitting out all of 2022-23 due to a domestic violence case. Already, several teams will be turned off by that, limiting his market, which may already be limited significantly if he's hunting for a big payday.

Bridges' best bet might be returning to Charlotte. After putting up career bests in several statistical categories and having what many would call the best all-around year of his career, it's apparent that Bridges, on the basketball court, is a good fit with this franchise. If anyone will understand what the forward brings to the table, it will be the front office in Charlotte.

If they are aiming to continue their rise to contention, perhaps they could view Bridges as a valuable core piece alongside franchise cornerstones LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller. Basketball-wise, he is a nice third fiddle alongside those two. With Ball coming back from surgery after playing just 22 games this past season, perhaps management wants to see what that trio can do when they are healthy.

It would make sense for Bridges to sign a short term deal to try and boost his value and maintain some flexibility for the future.