Predicting where the NBA's top 20 free agents will play in 2024–25

ESPN released a ranking of the top 20 names in the 2024 NBA free agency pool, and here is where they may all play in 2024–25.
Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers
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1. LeBron James - Los Angeles Lakers

The odds of LeBron James wearing anything other than purple and gold next year are incredibly slim. Not only are they interviewing J.J. Redick, a well-documented friend of his, for their coaching job, but they've also worked out his son, Bronny James, ahead of the NBA Draft. Furthermore, The Athletic (Subscription required) reports the Lakers are willing to discuss any kind of contract James wants.

The Lakers are seemingly doing everything within their power to keep James, and understandably so. Even at 39 years old, James showed this past season that he's still among the best players in the NBA today. Losing him in free agency would be a gut punch for the franchise both on and off the court.

Above all else, James may want to see what kind of moves the Lakers will make before committing to the franchise on a new deal. The team has taken an aggressive approach over the past few years by dealing draft picks in favor of younger pieces, outside of last year, and they will likely keep that same mindset heading into the 2024 off-season.

If the Lakers can add another star player, such as Trae Young, Dejounte Murray or Darius Garland, to form a lethal trio alongside James and Anthony Davis while also offering James a hefty new raise, he would likely be willing to ink a new deal with the franchise. It's just tough to imagine him starting over this late in his career, especially with the urgency in Los Angeles' front office.

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