Predicting where the NBA's top 20 free agents will play in 2024–25

ESPN released a ranking of the top 20 names in the 2024 NBA free agency pool, and here is where they may all play in 2024–25.
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2. Paul George - Philadelphia 76ers

Even after getting Tyrese Maxey locked up long-term, the Philadelphia 76ers will have more money to spend on other top-level free agents. In an effort to land a bonafide third star to complement Embiid and Maxey, it appears LA Clippers wing Paul George is on their wish list. The Ringers' Kevin O'Connor reported recently that George is Philadelphia's Plan A in their quest to add another star player.

Having just turned 34, George isn't as young as he once was, but he's still among the best two-way wings in the game today. He's capable of scoring 20 points per game and shooting above 40 percent from deep while providing elite-level defense. Inserting a player like that into a lineup alongside an MVP and the Most Improved Player could instantly form one of the NBA's best trios.

To lure George away from the LA Clippers, the 76ers will have to spend big. Given their title window being wide open right now, they should pay the price. The opportunity to add another star, especially one who fits as well as George would, may not come about again anytime soon. They have to pounce on this chance and put the rest of the NBA on notice. More than likely, they will.