Predicting where the NBA's top 20 free agents will play in 2024–25

ESPN released a ranking of the top 20 names in the 2024 NBA free agency pool, and here is where they may all play in 2024–25.
Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers
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7. Pascal Siakam - Indiana Pacers

Speaking of mid-season trades that saw the Toronto Raptors trade a key piece to a contender in the Eastern Conference... The Indiana Pacers understood that this team needed a move to take the next step this past season, so they made a splash by acquiring Pascal Siakam. Now, he'll enter free agency with all signs pointing to a return to Indiana.

The Pacers knew when they traded for Siakam that he'd be seeking a new long-term contract within the next few months. Considering that they gave up multiple first-round picks for him and accelerated the team's timeline to win now, it would be a disaster to let him walk. They'll more than likely aim to get something done very quickly into free agency.

Indiana made it to the Eastern Conference Finals this past season. One could argue that injuries to their opponents played a part in that, but still, this is a talented group that could make more noise moving forward. Pascal Siakam and Tyrese Haliburton could be a lethal duo for years to come in a conference that is not getting weaker anytime soon. First, they must re-sign Siakam.

Losing Siakam would set this franchise back years, so they will aim to avoid that at all costs.