Predicting the 10 NBA stars who will still be dominant in five years

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5) Anthony Edwards

If you paid attention to NBA All-Star Weekend, it became pretty apparent who the league's current crop of stars think is set to take the mantle in the coming years. When Lebron, Steph and KD were each asked who they think could step up and become the future face of the league, they made sure to highlight several young stars, but they all mentioned Edwards.

Now in his fourth season, Ant-Man has not only grown a great deal as an individual but has also put the Timberwolves franchise in a position they have not been in since Kevin Garnett left. The Wolves have the best record in the NBA at the All-Star Break, and could very well make a run at their franchise record of 58 wins.

Edwards has established himself as the clear Alpha of the Wolves team, averaging over 26 points a night this season, as well as a career high 5.3 apg. Fresh off his second All Star selection, Edwards will likely earn MVP votes this season, which is just his fourth campaign. The only thing standing between him and true superstardom is a deep playoff run, which may very well happen as soon as this Spring.

At just 22 years old, there is no telling what the ceiling of Anthony Edwards is. He has the scoring ability, defensive presence, and mentality reminiscent of most of the great two guards who have ever played. In 5 years, he may be well on his way to putting himself in those conversations.