Predicting the 10 NBA stars who will still be dominant in five years

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6) Nikola Jokic

The best player in the game today should still be in that conversation a few years down the line. Jokic just turned 29 years old, and considering how he is not exactly known for his speed and athleticism, it is fair to assume that he should age gracefully.

Jokic has become one of the single most dominant offensive forces the league has ever seen. The greatest passing big man ever is in the midst of another typical campaign, with a ridiculous 8.9 assists a night. Not to mention, his 12.0 rebounds and, of course, his 26.1 points on incredible efficiency.

With a championship and Finals MVP to his name, the only question that Jokic has to answer now is how far he can climb up the all-time ranks. Currently favored for his third MVP, Jokic will be in the mix for that award each of the next 5 seasons, and the Nuggets should also be firmly in the championship conversation as long as he is playing at that level.

It has been well documented how much Jokic loves his home in Serbia, and how quick he is to return there once the season ends. It does not feel out of the question that he could retire earlier than some may expect, and next season will already be his 10th NBA campaign. However, as long as Jokic sticks around, he will be among the league's best, and right now, there seems to be no serious challenger for his title of the best basketball player in the world.