Predicting the 10 NBA stars who will still be dominant in five years

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7) Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis has nothing left to prove in the NBA. With two MVPs, a DPOY, and a Finals MVP to his name, the Greak Freak could retire tomorrow and walk into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. While his game is mostly predicated on his strength and athleticism rather than skill, Giannis remains as dominant as ever in his 11th season.

He is averaging nearly 31 ppg, over 11 rpg, and a career high of 6.4 assists a night. He is also still among the most efficient players in the game around the rim, as well as a complete game changer on the defensive end.

Giannis is just a few seasons removed from one of the best NBA Finals’ performances of the decade. He averaged 35.2 ppg, and 13.2 rpg, including a 50-point performance in the clinching game 6. Prior to Jokic’s run of dominance the past few seasons, Giannis was viewed as the best player in the world.

While the Bucks have struggled more than most expected this season, Giannis has shown that as long as he is around, the Bucks are capable of beating anybody come playoff time. Giannis is already in rarified air among NBA greats, being one of only 3 players ever to win a Finals MVP, DPOY, and MVP. The other two are Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. 

If Giannis is able to add another title or MVP to his resume, he will continue his rapid ascension up the NBAs all time list. In 5 years, he will likely be a somewhat diminished version of his dominant self. But a diminished version of Giannis will still be among the league's best.