Paolo Banchero and the surprising Orlando Magic are way ahead of schedule

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic
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How the Orlando Magic can take the next step

Among the lowest-hanging fruit on the road to that improvement are the turnovers. Ranking a paltry 28th in the league in turnover percentage, the Magic have coughed up the ball on over 15% of possessions in which Banchero and Wagner shared the floor.

Take a step back, however, and the franchise has ample reasons to be optimistic. Beyond Banchero and Wagner's relative youth (21 & 22, respectively), Orlando remains $34 million under the tax and six draft picks over the next two seasons.

Even if the team opts for a more measured approach instead of star-chasing, the Magic figure to be one of the most aggressive teams at the deadline and into free agency before their top-line stars eat up a larger portion of their cap sheet.

Those, however, are questions for another day. For the first time in over a decade the Orlando Magic and their fans have a team whose present is just as bright as their future. They have a roster that never fails to compete, a star on the rise, and a general manager willing to take risks to win.

After being lost in the NBA wilderness for so long, the Magic have finally found their way back to relevance.