Paolo Banchero and the surprising Orlando Magic are way ahead of schedule

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic
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The Magic needs to find another gear

Still, despite the franchise's resurgence, Orlando has issues they must resolve to insert themselves into the top tier of NBA contenders. Chief among them is improving the synergy between Banchero and Franz Wagner.

Selected with the eighth overall selection a year before Banchero joined the franchise, Wagner has not only turned himself into a vital cog in the Magic offense but emerged as the team's second-best best-player.

Whether popping for three-point attempts or rolling toward the rim for a finish, Wagner has proven to be an offensive focal point, trailing only Banchero on the team with a 26% usage rate.

And yet, despite the solid offensive fundamentals of the Magic's twin stars, Orlando holds a mere +1.4 point differential when the two share the floor, per Cleaning the Glass. In lineups, when only Banchero is featured, the Magic outscore opponents by +3.5, and +4.9 when Wagner leads the attack.

While those numbers should improve as Banchero improves his outside shooting and Wagner develops a rhythm as a cutter, Orlando has to improve their numbers when their two best players share the court if they have any hope of competing.