Nuggets Rules: An eight-step guide to dethroning the reigning champs 

Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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5.  Murray and Jokic pick and roll coverage 

This is where it gets complicated. Malone is so creative in masking Murray and Jokic's pick-and-roll sets. You must switch and execute rules #1–4. Your smallest defender should guard Kentavious Caldwell Pope, but you should have your biggest wing guarding Murray.

This way, once the switch takes place, the wing can bang for positioning in the post with Jokic to some degree. Remember, nothing should be easy; the big needs to be aggressive with the switch a second late, and Murray will hit a three.

The wing still needs to attempt to push Jokic out as far as possible. This pick-and-roll coverage is why having size is the most important rule. Now, if Jokic catches, he will, of course, stay home. If Murray starts dancing on the big, you can send an extra body, get the ball out of his hands, and rotate on the back end. This is not easy by any means, but it limits the Nuggets player movement and forces them to play a one-on-one style of basketball, which they do not prefer.

6. Find Gordon early in transition

This terminology is usually used for elite shooters, who find wide-open threes in chaotic transition scrambles. Gordon is not that, but he is one of the best rim runners in the league. His presence collapses the defense, leading to open threes or easy dunks for himself. The closest man to Gordon in transition must be physical and bump him at the free-throw line at minimum. This will limit his front-of-the-rim touches and keep him from bullying players into foul trouble.