NBA Trades: Warriors land star in huge proposed deal with Grizzlies and Jazz

The Golden State Warriors are still trying to retool around Steph Curry and this potential deal with the Grizzlies and Jazz would make them contenders again.
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages
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NBA Trades: Would the Jazz accept this deal?

The deal is a no-brainer for the Warriors and Grizzlies, but for the Jazz, it is tougher to say that this benefits them. For starters, they receive four unprotected first round picks, two second round picks, and three pick swaps for Kessler and Markkanen in this proposal. This is due to the fact that the Warriors can only offer two unprotected picks. Mikal Bridges went for five first round picks by himself. Would the Jazz be inclined to accept this offer for two players?

Markkanen is also due for an extension as he enters the last year of a four year deal that he signed in 2021 and he is only due 18 million. He is in line for a huge pay day that could see him earn up to more than 40 million annually. Kessler is also eligible for an extension next summer. Do the Jazz want to pay big money to two players while they are in the midst of a rebuild? 

Additionally, the Warriors are not the only team interested in Markkanen’s services. The Spurs, Kings, and Heat all have interest in the star forward and they can offer more unprotected firsts than the Warriors can. Would the Jazz be enticed by their offers?

The Kessler part of the deal makes a lot of sense for Utah as they receive two first rounders. The question is do they feel like they are getting enough back for Markkanen. The Jazz would likely ask for more from Golden State (maybe Jonathan Kuminga, someone Golden State does not want to trade) and that could be the hold up of this three team trade.

However, the Jazz do receive two first round picks in 2025, which is vital considering how much talent is in that draft. If Utah agreed to this trade, they would have five unprotected first rounders in 2025 from Cleveland, Minnesota, Golden State, and Memphis, while keeping their own pick as well. That might be too much to pass up.